Omaha MSBL Treasurer and Longtime Member Tom Stewart Passes Away after Battle with Covid-19

Submitted by Tim Lukowski, Omaha MSBL President

“It’s with an extremely heavy heart I write this to all of you letting you know our friend Tom Stewart has passed away after valiantly battling the COVID virus.

Tom was an amazing man.   His heart was always full, his eyes clear, and his time and patience immense.  He never left a visit or meeting leaving you wanting for more because the time he spent with you was always meaningful.  The most mundane tasks were met with great importance, and you were a little bit better, more assured, or confident the road ahead would be navigated.

Personally, Tom was a mentor, friend, foster brother, role model and partner in every little step we, and all of us took on.   Tom never disagreed or argued with anyone, he listened and presented the issue from all sides and how it would affect everyone.  His time and stewardship to our league and Nebraska Baseball was beyond measure.  He played the game, coached, served on various boards, and would often tell me how much he loved Coaching with his son and watching his grandchildren play.   The world is a little darker place today.  Tom met life head on with love, passion and understanding that we can make every day better.

In visiting with Tom’s family, they would like, and we fulfill their wishes of having a celebration of Tom’s life this Summer.  We will work to have the league present, have children playing, eating hot dogs and in the crowd and enjoying some of the pure aspects that was so dear to Tom’s heart, family and baseball.   I have no doubt Tom is in heaven now, marveling with Bob Gibson, Lou Brock, Whitey Ford, Phil Niekro and all the baseball greats, healthy, strong and smiling down on all of us.   Tom’s playing catch, getting up in the bullpen upstairs, and smiling from ear to ear.  God bless and take care, and please keep the Stewart family in your prayers.”

In 2019 we published a league profile about the successful Omaha MSBL as they celebrated their 30-year anniversary.  Below is an excerpt from our discussion with Tom:

“We have a willingness of our participants to keep a consensus and honor the original course set up in 1989. We have our arguments but are still moving on with the same philosophies. What I enjoy most is our absence of complaints. In years past we used to have weeks of complaints but the last couple of years things have smoothed out and it is a lot of fun being involved.”

Treasurer Stewart helps Tim with a lot of the day-to-day administration in this 12-team, 35-over model of consistency.

“I started playing in the league in 1990 so I’ve seen a lot,” said Stewart. “I’m 68 now and played until injuries took their toll when I was 62. We are a non-profit organization and we try to contribute to many charities every year, and that takes a lot of time. I’m glad I can help balance things out.”