North Texas MSBL Raises Money for Scottish Rite for Children Hospital

A message from Gerry Mecca, North Texas MSBL

Dallas MSBL Magic turns $50K into $272K!  We have some amazing news to share. In July we broke records and raised $50K at the North Texas MSBL Charity All-Star Games. Well that $50k is about to become $136K, and then double!

Recently we were afforded an opportunity to help the Scottish Rite for Children Psychology Department reach a fundraising goal. With our help, children facing pediatric orthopedic illness and/or complex medical conditions can gain access to some of the best licensed pediatric psychologists regardless of their ability to pay. You can probably imagine how hard it is for a kid to recover physically, but it takes a mental toll as well!

So how does $50K turn into $272K you might ask??

Well, with our $50K raised along with other donations, the hospital is on the verge of raising the $136K needed to achieve a private foundation match of $136K. That would bring the total to $272K! Magic!

We just wanted you all to share in the great news and see how, like NO OTHER LOCAL LEAGUE in the nation, the NTABL players, families, and fans understand the meaning of giving back to the community where they live and play, and how your generosity helps kids not only physically but also mentally.

Proud to stand at the plate with you!