‘No Baseball for Old Men’… a film by Kent Gartin, Central Arkansas MSBL, Little Rock, Arkansas

About six years ago I dreamt up the basis of ‘No Baseball for Old Men’ (link below) and wrote most of the script.  Over the next year or two, I added a few scenes.  Why I dreamt this up is probably a combination of several factors.  About 11 years ago, when I was 41, I was doing my rounds at work, AKA, walking around to other co-workers’ cubicles, drinking coffee, and chit-chatting.  One of my co-workers, Brian was talking about a baseball game he had played the night before and some of the drama that happened during the game.

I told him I was invited to play in that league when I was in my early 30s but the team never materialized.   I told him I pitched and he said they needed arms and that I should play with them.   That was my invitation to play, and I have been playing every year since in the Central Arkansas MSBL.   In addition, I have a good friend whose hobby is making short fan films of horror movies.  I first met him about eight years ago as he shot one of his films at my house.

He has shot several other films at my house and I have contributed to some small parts in them as well.  The combination of these two events, I believe, led me to write this script.  We tried to film ’Old Men’ in 2019, but we got rained out on the few Sundays we had access to the fields.  Obviously, 2020 was a no-go, and in 2021 we didn’t have the right uniforms to use when we needed to film the field scenes. 

Finally, in 2022 we were able to acquire the right uniforms and secure the volunteers to film.  Once we got the field scenes done, we then were able to schedule and get the other scenes completed.  It has been quite the roller coaster of getting this filmed.  I hope you enjoy my little 25-minute tribute to staying young on the diamond! (Click on the picture below to view the film)