New Jersey Shore League President Gregg Balin Stays Connected at Florida Home During Outbreak

By Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications

Gregg Balin is the President of the Jersey Shore MSBL, the league he has played in for the past 20 years, and continues to play in his 35+, 45+ and 50+ divisions.  He is also an avid tennis player and shares residences in New Jersey and Florida, where he is currently calling home.

“Right now, during this crisis, I am staying in touch with my friends and players, working on my league schedules and staying positive until we resume play hopefully by late April or early May,” said Balin. “Otherwise I’m just crossing off days on my calendar until baseball resumes.”

Balin continued, “I am retired and am not quarantined but am being careful when I go to any store. While all public services are closed, our local Florida baseball league is shut down until after Easter. To stay engaged and active I play Pickleball four or five days a week. The tennis courts are shut down as well but I found a private condo property that allows resident’s and guests to use the tennis courts so I am playing tennis for the first time in 35 years to stay in shape.”

Gregg plans on taking part in an MSBL tournament this fall, either at the World Series or Fall classic, and is working hard to get in baseball shape.  But it’s not all sweat, tennis and pickleball.  “I have a boat, so my wife and I are able to get out several times a week and practice social distancing on the waves!”

“We have to understand like any disaster this will pass in time.  Americans are the most optimistic and hard-working society in the world and this will be a footnote in our history.  While we will never forget this challenge, we will persevere and move forward and prosper. Baseball, as well as other sports, are a vital outlet to our mental and physical well-being.”