So, what does a Director of Communications actually do in Arizona? Well, he communicates. Being in Arizona for the 30th anniversary edition of the MSBL World Series for nearly three weeks is a delicate balancing act. Our focus as an organization is of course on our World Series, the Super Bowl of our year and the cherry on top of the sundae, but there are still things to be reported that are normal MSBL business. As a communicator I have a responsibility to make sure that the thousands of players here in Arizona know where they are playing, how they are faring in the standings, results of their games every day and any additional stories or pictures that are pertinent.

Our tournament director, Tom Prendergast, does a magnificent job of constructing the World Series ‘Daily News’ every evening for publication by 6:00 am the next morning. That’s where I come in.

Tom’s newsletter is published on our Website, our Facebook and Twitter pages and is sent to every person in our MSBL data base every morning via Constant Contact so that when you wake up and check your devices, it’s waiting for you. Why do all 76,000 members need to know what’s going on down here in Arizona? We are a family. It may not only be interesting to see how your teammates, friends or family may be doing but you may also want to start making your plans to get down here in the future and take part. Once you attend you will always come back! Playing on MLB spring training complexes and stadiums for a week and concentrating on all things baseball is not a ‘one off’ proposition.

We have a dozen reporters covering our championship games and we will have those stories posted on our World Series page at as soon as they are received, compiled and posted. Posting those stories should begin this week.

Some regular year-long features I continually compile, such as League Champion stories, unfortunately have to take a back seat until I return to my home office in Colorado in early November. I apologize to those of you who are waiting for your stories to be published. I love handling those for you every year and will be doing so throughout the end of this year so thank you for your patience. We’ll get there and I will always send you a link to your story so don’t worry, you won’t miss it. Please know that I continue to be interested in any of your other interesting human interest stories or pictures from around the country so please keep sending them along to me at

Days start very early here in Arizona and involve my running all over the valley of the sun. My temporary office is in the press box of Tempe Diablo Stadium, home of the Angels. It’s a tough place to work but somebody has to do it, right? We will have over 40 champions crowned down here over the course of our three weeks and then our Fall Classic begins in Florida. Championship games there will also have to be covered by our reporters and also compiled and posted, so this is a busy time and part of what I do is to make sure all championship stories are posted for all time in our World Series and Fall Classic archives for all to see.

Thanks for listening. I wanted to take a moment to explain that our World Series and Fall Classic are very time consuming and require a lot of detail, as thousands of players want to maximize their baseball experience under the MSBL flag at this time of year on quality fields. But I haven’t forgotten about everything else going on across the MSBL nation. We’ll be back to normal shortly, as soon as I get back to Colorado early next week. I also look forward to the sleep! Take care and play safe, everyone.