MSBL Veteran David Morris and TrackVision; Working Specifically with Vision Issues and Techniques to Help Make You a Complete Ball Player

By Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications

63-year-old David Morris is an MSBL player and hitting guru from the Lehigh Valley MSBL who is the lead person for a company called TrackVision.  He works specifically with vision issues and techniques to help make you become a complete ball player.  He has been playing in MSBL leagues for about 20 years, attended both the MSBL’s Fall Classic and World Series, and has been involved with TrackVision for 15 of those.

On a personal note, while speaking with Dave I confided about an eye condition I was experiencing that is caused by blood pooling behind the retina in my left eye.  It caused what they call ‘floaters’ which are shadows that dart around your field of vision, which are basically those pools of blood moving.  To say the least, it is not easy to hit or field with shadows moving around, which I’m sure some of you have experienced.

Over the phone, we tested to see which eye is my dominant one.  In 2022 I also went back to wearing glasses and abandoned my contacts.  We found out that my dominant eye was my right eye (I am right-handed) and we needed to get it more involved.  He also recommended that we lose the glasses to stop looking sideways into the rims. 

We opened up my stance to open my field of vision and allow my right eye to become more involved and face the pitcher instead of peeking to my left.  What a difference!  Now I step into the pitch after recognizing it and I see the whole event, especially with the contacts back into my life.  Facing the pitcher and involving more of my right eye made me much more confident and effective.

Dave can help you too!  There is no initial cost to talk with Dave and discuss the options if you need to explore something more elaborate.  Below are some comments from Dave about how TrackVision may be able to assist you:

“Our primary focus at TrackVision is to furnish insights in a general way and follow that up with much more customized tips and instruction (as every individual has unique vision field gifts and needs). The discussion with each player would revolve as a discussion about a player’s vision combined with the uniqueness of how that applies to the positions they play and skills they are looking to improve.”

In other words, this program is highly customized based on the feedback and curiosity of the ball player. The tools, apparel, and glasses will accelerate the learning process for the user, for less than the cost of a good glove or bat (and make them more efficient as tools of the trade).  “You can’t hit or catch what you don’t see accurately.”

This topic gathers interest and conversation from everyone on the team, with those who play multiple positions, dissect each skill, and have to navigate multiple postures (i.e. – turning the double play, tagging out a runner, etc.) benefitting the most.

“I have had the opportunity to talk with many MSBL players and am amazed at how people want to get better, regardless of age.  People are passionate about improving and are open to the exchange of information and the love of the game.  This is the perfect laboratory for sharing ideas.” 

So, long, long story, short, there is no initial cost, just a helpful website, with graduated options for additional information based on individual interest. The program is very customized, with much more individualized discussion, tools, and video analysis for the high-level coach, motivated players, or organization managers.”

Here is Dave’s contact information: or 610-216-1298.

Also, Here is the TrackVision website link to learn how Dave and the staff may be able to help you!