MSBL Veteran Alden Stiefel Donates 25,000 Masks in Illinois Through His Company Maxxsonics

By Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications

Alden Stiefel is the President and CEO of Maxxsonics, located in Libertyville, Illinois.  Established in 2001, Maxxsonics is a global leader in the mobile, marine, and powersports audio industries and specializes in designing and manufacturing power amplifiers, speakers, subwoofers and accessories.  Having said all of that, Alden is probably best known to most of you reading this as a steady fixture at the MSBL World Series as his beloved Cubs teams from the Chicago North MSBL terrorize the competition year in and year out as they strive to add to their collection of hardware

But Alden has taken to heart the struggles we are all facing due to the COVID-19 virus sweeping our country and the globe.  His company decided to help, as they recently donated 25,000 masks to Midwest first responders, medical professionals and small businesses.  With a little help from his friends in China, here is the story in Alden’s words:

“This is the way this came about.  Most of our factories are in China. We have some very long-standing relationships spanning over 20 years that have become more than just business. So, when the virus first broke out in China many of our Chinese friends offered to send me masks and gloves for my family and employees. Once the virus broke out here and I was hearing about the desperate need for masks and gloves I contacted one of our factories and asked them to source additional masks/gloves that I would use to donate to medical professionals, first responders, the elderly and small businesses that are fortunate enough to stay open.

I only mention this as maybe a way to encourage other companies to step up no matter how small the contribution.  I was raised you judge people’s true character in times like this.  As it relates in a real baseball analogy, the only way we move forward is if we are all on the same team.”

Stay safe, everyone!