MSBL Tournament Player Pool Update

By Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications

The MSBL Player Pool has become a vital element in assisting managers in filling out their rosters for the MSBL World Series and Fall Classic, as well as Puerto Rico and additional regional tournaments. The Player Pool is also an integral part of the January Desert Classic in Palm Springs and the Las Vegas Kickoff Classic and Las Vegas Open in March and May.

To better assist managers find players as these tournaments approach, we have inserted both the date of the last update as well as the time of the update on the Player Pool page of the website, in case managers are wondering if there has been any movement that day since they last checked. We occasionally have multiple updates during the same day. New additions are warmly embraced and we want to not only assist the managers but help the players find a spot somewhere so that they are able to take part in these great tourneys.

In that vein, since updates are so critical, I will once again urge managers to let us know at if you have picked someone up so that we can remove them and stay current.

To visit the Player Pool page simply click on the highlighted link. You can also click the ‘Player Pool’ link on the website menu bar to be redirected. We hope this adjustment makes it easier for you to monitor the activity. Thank you for your cooperation and we’ll see you soon!