MSBL Reaches Facebook Follower Milestone

By Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications

MSBL is the big dog on the block in the adult amateur baseball world.  That is solely because of you.  MSBL provides the platform but you can choose to embrace it or disregard it.  Thankfully, you have chosen to embrace it.

One of the many gauges we utilize to monitor engagement and acceptance is through Facebook.  A Facebook ‘follower’ total tells us volumes regarding who is out there listening, reading, and commenting.  Below is the loose definition of a Facebook follower:

What Do Followers on Facebook Mean?

Facebook followers are people who have chosen to “follow” your profile or page. This means that they will see your posts in their newsfeeds. When you post your content, your followers will be notified. The more followers you have on Facebook, the more views you will get on your content.

People who follow your group are people who share a common interest with the members of your group. They may be interested in the discussions taking place, or they may just want to stay up-to-date on what is going on in the group.

Why do I mention this? Because MSBL just hit a milestone that completely blows away other organizations within the white lines of our business.  First, a little history.

A dozen or so years ago, Brian Sigler decided we needed to begin embracing social media in conjunction with our newly launched website so he developed an MSBL Facebook Page.  We slowly started accumulating followers and started with a few hundred after a few months.

Then someone was hired to watch the page closely and post various stories of interest.  After a year or so of this maintenance, we found ourselves at around 2,000 followers.  Then we had a little philosophical change in how we approach the page.  I specifically remember one blistering review sent to me criticizing me for regurgitating stories I plucked from elsewhere and not sticking to relevant content.  Though his comments left a mark, he was correct.  Whomever that was, thank you!

As the primary MSBL Facebook guy, I now take the time to reprint every story on Facebook that is ever published on the website.  I do this because this is MSBL news.  Every league champion story, feature story, instructional video, motivational pictures from other leagues, national tournament championship stories, anything MSBL.  This is YOUR page and re-printing a story about the Texas Rangers is far from relevant.  You can read that anywhere.

You have embraced the page, and the stats bear that out.  As of December 4th, we surpassed the 10,000-follower mark and currently enjoy 10,083 followers, more than doubling the competition.  Yes, we may occasionally wander off the topic on the page, but there is always news about MSBL to share.  We want to make sure that between the National Website, Facebook, and Twitter, you will have the opportunity to review every story or announcement.

Thank you for your continued support.  Also, please know that we are always here to listen to your comments or ideas about how we might improve and get to the next level together.

Take care, play safe, and please accept our wishes for a healthy and successful 2024 campaign!

Most Sincerely,

Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications