MSBL Player Profile: Allan Carmello, Chautauqua (NY) MSBL

By Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications

We asked Bob Bankoski, League President of the Chautauqua MSBL in New York if there were any league members who have been around for the duration of the league and might be deserving of a little bit of spotlight.  Bob quickly responded with the name of one guy who definitely deserves some ink.

Logo of the Chautauqua County, NY MSBL

Allan Carmello,” said Bankoski.  “He’s the longest-tenured player in the league by over 30 years, though I’m hot on his heels! This will be his 33rd season playing.  He and Charlie (MSBL Hall of Famer LaDuca) ran the Yankees from the beginning and they stayed Yankees for a couple of decades.  Allan is a wonderful member of our league.”

Allan is 62 years old and started playing in the league when he was 30, back in 1991.  Though the Chautauqua MSBL is a 25-over league and Allan gives up a few years to the youngsters, the advantages far outweigh catching up to the occasional heat from the mound.

“Our league allows fathers and sons to play on the same team, regardless of age.  We adopted the national Father/Son rules and it has really worked well.  My boys are 25 and 30 years old and we all meet afterward ‘under the tree’ and have a great time.  I know all of the fathers appreciate the rule.”

Allan used to play center field and is now in right most of the time. He has, however, seen time on the mound for the Pro Bats Yankees at the MSBL World Series in Arizona.

“We have had our ups and downs in Arizona and last year a couple of guys pulled out at the last minute, which always makes it tough.  But we won it in 2021, which is pretty special.

How did he begin playing in the league?

Charlie LaDuca started the league after playing in Buffalo for one year.  I used to umpire softball in the summer and Charlie saw me one day and asked if I wanted to play some hardball and that was it.  I try to continue the tradition of not only recruiting new players but retaining those who are already active.  I try not to let them walk away from our great game!”

Allan was born in Dunkirk, New York, and is a financial advisor, sharing duties between an office in Buffalo and being able to work from home.  He is able to easily juggle his schedule to make sure he doesn’t miss any baseball.

“Our league is very competitive, yet a lot of fun, but as far as personally why I love being able to play, is the fact I play alongside my two boys.  I know that a lot of the older guys still play in the league because of being able to share the moment with their boys on the same field.  But the kids always think they can just throw it past the dads.  We have to teach them that they’d better be careful!”

Allan’s on-field resume consists of the usual high school participation and then on to junior college, concluding with playing for a Division III college for a year.

“I have always been a shortstop and pitcher, though I liked outfield better.  But I always enjoyed pitching and still do.”

What is your history playing in the MSBL World Series?

“The first one I ever attended was in 2001, right after 9/11.  I have been there maybe four times on a men’s team and probably six times with the Father/Son team primarily from our league.  The men’s teams were usually combined with the Rochester MSBL because we couldn’t get enough players from our league.  It has worked out great and I have loved every minute.”

Allan stated that his favorite players of all time are Derek Jeter, Rod Carew, and his favorite, Roberto Clemente.

“I have a Clemente jersey.  It is very special to me.”

After being asked what special moment stuck out in his long baseball journey, he was quick to include his son in his response.

“It was when my son was a 12-year-old All-Star and I was his coach.  We won the sectional and advanced.  Those are memories that last a lifetime.”