MSBL Member Paul Hendrickson Stays Busy with Wiffle Ball and Volunteering for Savory Sunday in Madison, Wisconsin

By Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications

Paul Hendrickson lives in Madison, Wisconsin, home of the Badgers.  He also has been a member of the MABL of Madison (Southern Wisconsin) for the past 15 years. 

“I play in the 17-over and 18-over divisions but am old enough to sub in the 35’s,” said Paul.  “I have also taken a team from Columbus, Ohio to the MSBL World Series in October in Arizona and hope to be able to do so again this year.”

This is a tough time to stay engaged in the baseball world but Paul has a very unique way of staying in touch with other players in the league.  “I have started a podcast called Bandito Beisbol Radio on the Anchor app and can also be found on Spotify and Apple podcasts,” he explained.  “I recreate funny moments from games and players in the league.  In addition, players on the team call in to add commentary. Laughter is really needed right now and it feels good help others be silly for a little bit.”

Staying in baseball condition isn’t too easy, especially when considering the sometime bitter conditions of Wisconsin in late winter or early spring.  

“Our team started practicing in late November, so we were really ready to start the year. I have been biking a lot and batting left-handed when my kids pitch to me.

Also, I have two young children, ages four and six, in which I have been their T-ball coach, and we play a lot of backyard wiffleball at home.  Plus, every day I take my kids to a wooded area around Madison to go hiking. We also play a lot of soccer and ride bikes together.”

Paul added, “I also volunteer with Savory Sunday, in which we pass out delicious food to the homeless and hungry of Madison each week, as our efforts are needed more now than ever.” (Click HERE to read an article about Paul and Savory Sunday as published in the Wisconsin State Journal on February 15th of this year)

We asked Paul about his biggest takeaway from our current struggles with the COVID-19 virus and how the league is giving back. 

“Teammates are communicating in new and novel ways, and everyone is struggling to stay active and positive. Every day takes a lot of courage and strength to stay strong and optimistic.

Our MABL/MSBL chapter in Madison is looking to find ways to give back to our community, for we have donated to the Wounded Warriors baseball team, local little leagues, and The Miracle League for children with physical and/or mental challenges.”