MSBL League President Spotlight: Rick Fryman, Columbus (OH) Men’s Baseball League

By Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications

Rick Fryman is the League President of the outstanding Columbus Men’s Baseball League, a position he has embraced for the past 11 years.  In 2012 Rick took over the leadership role from long-time president Jim Durham. MSBL Founder and President Steve Sigler recognized Rick’s dedication and leadership qualities by honoring him with induction into the 2018 class of the MSBL National Hall of Fame.  Rick is also a 2015 inductee into the MSBL Honor Roll family. 

Here is the entertaining lead-in caption from the Columbus MBL website home page:

You’ve found “THE LEAGUE”!  Entering our 36th season, the Columbus Men’s Baseball League is an amateur adult baseball league in the Columbus, Ohio area that gives adults a chance to continue playing competitive baseball.

With 17 total teams within three age divisions (25+, 35+, 45+), the CMBL is a wood-bat league that features teams of all talent levels.

As part of our continuing series of spotlighting the longest-tenured league presidents within the MSBL family, below you will find Rick’s responses to a recent Q&A session with him.

What inspired you to become involved in MSBL at the beginning? I became involved with the MSBL in 1995 in the Dayton, Ohio league.  I moved to Philadelphia and joined the Delco League in 1995.  I moved back to Ohio and found the CMSBL.  I just wanted to be around the game and continue to play. 

What drove you to want to become League President? Jim Durham was President for 20+ years and asked me to take over when he retired.  I wouldn’t say I was inspired to become President of the League but felt trusted and honored.  

What are some of the most valuable lessons you have learned through your years as League President? I have read other President spotlights, spoken to several Presidents in other cities, and spoken with Charles McCroskey (COMABL President) frequently.  We all seem to have the same issues and listening to others and how they have handled situations has really helped me when making decisions.

What advice can you offer first-year League Presidents? Listen to players and Managers, get other opinions but stick to a decision once you have made it.

Do you have any special experiences, remarks, or fond memories? Being selected by Steve Sigler to become a member of the Hall of Fame was special.  Attending the MSBL World Series and Fall Classics are always special.  Many great stories each year.

How valuable to you and your league has MSBL National affiliation been? Steve Sigler’s preparation and attention to detail make each season easier to prepare for.  Steve has given each player the chance to keep playing baseball well after we thought we were done playing.  With his continued work, we all get to benefit.

What inspires you, today, to continue in your leadership role?  I enjoy working with the local HS coaches, planning, and being with my teammates each week.  That’s what keeps me going.