MSBL League President Spotlight: Ralph Proulx, Buffalo MSBL

MSBL Founder and President Steve Sigler started the MSBL 37 years ago with the introduction of the Long Island MSBL.  As the concept expanded across the country, some leagues were quick to come aboard and remain part of the foundation to this day. 

In 2023 Steve wanted to recognize some of the original league presidents who have been a part of this remarkable journey.  We have compiled a few questions for this select group and will share them with you throughout the year in a question-and-answer format.  We want to thank them for their dedication and hard work through their many years of leadership.

Today’s spotlight is directed toward Ralph Proulx, League President of the Buffalo MSBL. Ralph has been at the helm for 31 years! Please enjoy knowing a little more about Ralph’s commitment.

What inspired you to become involved in MSBL at the beginning? My brother, Jim, heard an interview with Steve Sigler on ESPN radio. We decided to start a league. It initially had 4 teams starting in 1992 and now in 2023, we are up to over 20 teams across 3 different age group leagues.

What drove you to want to become League President? No one else volunteered!

What are some of the most valuable lessons you have learned through your years as League President It is very important to have good team managers; they make your job much easier. I have been blessed to have great managers over the years. Many of them are still involved in the league! In addition, you need to be fair in your administration. When new players sign up, I try to give them to the team that needs them the most. I always try to maintain a competitive balance; it makes for better leagues and keeps teams interested in playing.

What advice can you offer first-year League Presidents? I would say work closely with your managers and listen to them. You can’t do it all yourself.

Do you have any special experiences, remarks, or fond memories? The first one is that I was able to play with my older brother, Jim, for many years. The leagues have also been involved in an All-Star game with the Ontario (Canada) Baseball League. This has been a great experience for the players in our leagues and a special opportunity to connect with the international leagues. Lastly, being inducted into the MSBL National Hall of Fame was a very special honor.

How valuable to you and your league has MSBL National affiliation been?

The affiliation has allowed our league players to play in both regional and national tournaments. In addition, the ability to purchase baseballs and insurance through the MSBL has been a great advantage for my leagues.

What inspires you, today, to continue in your leadership role?

I would say that my three leagues (25, 35, 45) continue to give adults the ability to play baseball in Western New York at a competitive level and for the love of the game itself.

Secondly, all the amazing friendships I’ve created over the past 30 years have made my time as league president well worthwhile.

I would also like to thank my wife, Kara, for her support over the past 30 years while I have been running the MSBL leagues. Without her continued support, it would not be possible.