MSBL First Responder: Detective Scott Polgar, Columbus MSBL

Detective Scott Polgar, Columbus Division of Police, Homicide Unit

In his own words…

Thank you for your interest and support for the first responders who play in the Men’s Senior Baseball League.  I started a new Columbus MSBL team in 2006 and the team was comprised of Columbus Police Officers.  We played in the league for 11 seasons and hopefully made a big impact.  We raised and donated fifty thousand dollars for local charities.  I now play in the 35+ division for the Columbus Aces.  Our team still has several police officers as well as players in more traditional jobs. 

Like any other season, we started a group text chat and got to the batting cage once a week to get ready for the spring.  As the COVID-19 pandemic became an obvious international issue, we were forced to shut down any team activities.  Our team has hopes of starting the season when the experts tell us it is safe to do so.

As a Homicide Detective for the Columbus Division of Police, we have remained busy which requires us to continue to our mission of solving cases and bringing justice to the families of the victims.  Unfortunately, being a police officer comes with certain demands and we understand that our city is counting on us to be there when they call.  Every day in America, men and women suit up in a police uniform, plain clothes and in business suits knowing the dangers that come with the job.  The Corona Virus is a new enemy but we still go out and try to keep people safe and provide a sense of security.  From the beginning of the Corona pandemic, we have had multiple officers contract the disease and we have had multiple officers shot at and one hit by gunfire.  Thankfully, I can say all of the officers are recovering well and we look forward to their return to work. 

So, until we hear PLAY BALL, I play catch with my sons who are missing their travel baseball seasons too.  We play wiffle ball and home run derby in the backyard.  We are all so lucky to continue to play this great game and hopefully, sooner than later, we can all get dirty again, leg out a double and high five our teammates.  Until then, stay safe and GO ACES!