MSBL Fall Classic Veteran Jerome Stabile Witnesses First Responders Up Close at His Job at Long Island Hospital

By Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications

Jerome Stabile is a 27-year veteran of the Long Island MSBL and a frequent player/manager in the MSBL World Series in Arizona and the Fall Classic in Florida.  Jerome and I had a brief chat about how today’s environment impacts him.

“I play in the 35-over division in the Long Island MSBL for the Suffolk Raiders, managed by Pete Vardaro. For the last 10 years I have only gone to the Fall Classic in Florida and manage teams named the Warriors and the last two years the Fury in the 45-over division. 

To be honest I’m not really doing anything to be baseball ready. I work at Southside Hospital and to say the things I’ve seen have changed me as a person would be an understatement. As you have seen in the news there are trailers with bodies in them at many hospitals because there is no room. Nurses who are so overrun and tired went from being the most jolly people to always looking exhausted.

I could never imagine having to make a FaceTime call to a family member so that they could say goodbye. I manage nutritional services so I have to send people to these floors.  Every day I have to pray they don’t become infected and feel like it was my fault. A lot of people don’t take this as seriously as it is and I imagine that is because they don’t see it up front and I guess I can understand it. All I can say is you’re lucky.

I have been playing in the Long Island MSBL for 27 years, have made trips to Arizona and Florida every year and hopefully I will again this year. Those who know me know how I played the game and how I love the game but whatever comes out of this I will never have appreciated or appreciate more the times I have played and the times I will play. Whatever decisions the MSBL comes up with I’m OK with it because that would mean I’m still above ground playing. Everyone stay safe!”