Mike Favoretto Relies on Basement Gym Workouts and Tik Tok to Stay Dialed In

Mike Favoretto is a 24-year veteran of the Detroit MSBL and has a nice string of 20 game wins on the bump.  Mike was gracious enough to share with us his take on the COVID-19 virus and his long life in the Detroit MSBL.  In his own words:

My name is Mike Favoretto and I live in Howell, Michigan which is about 30 miles northwest of Ann Arbor (Go Blue).  I’ve had the pleasure of playing in the Detroit MSBL since 1996 when I relocated to Michigan from Virginia for a job change. Our league has grown substantially over the past 24 years, and it’s been a real joy to watch it grow from a 30+ league to one that now has 18+, 32+, 42+, 52+ and 62+ divisions. It’s a tribute to Mike Juliano’s dedication and hard work.

The current Covid19 situation is really concerning and serious. For the past few weeks, I’ve been working from home due to the national and state mandated Stay at Home order. Although the majority of my work in the auto industry has normally been done via video conference due to the global nature or our business, being completely separated from colleagues is strange. The uncertainty of when the vehicle OEM’s will get back to the business of producing vehicles makes us all a bit uneasy about possible upcoming furloughs. It’s good to see that everyone is realizing this isn’t going away in couple days and I see more and more people restricting their movements and staying home, or at least minimal interaction except for grocery shopping or other essential movement.

At this point all of us associated with the Detroit MSBL are hopeful we can still get our season started on time. Our season doesn’t usually start until the week before Memorial Day. Regardless, even a late start should enable us to get a full season in, although it could mean a much shorter or no fall season at all.

Before the virus hit, our team was meeting once a week, since January, at a local baseball training facility. Now guys are doing what they can on their own. I have a full gym setup in my basement, so working out and staying in shape is no problem. However, getting the arm in throwing shape is another matter. But we’re all in the same boat.

The wife and I stay entertained watching whatever program is on TV, working out or just browsing the internet, Facebook or whatever. Although we are now quite intrigued with Tik Tok…look for us there J. Hopefully MLB will be back on TV soon as well.

I have had the opportunity to communicate in the past with MSBL regarding my (2) 20 game winning seasons, the most recent in 2018. As well as providing stories about my 35+ and 45+ Orioles championship runs (six straight for 35+ and three straight now for the 45+ Orioles).  The past six seasons I played in three divisions in the Detroit MSBL, 35+; 45+ and 55+. This year I’ll only be playing in the 45+ (now 42+) and the 55+ (now 52+). At 69, I’m not sure I can keep up with the 32-year old guys, so getting 20 wins this season will be more challenging than in the past.  I always look forward to the MSBL Fall Tournaments and am hoping all this Covid19 stuff is behind us by then.

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my well wishes for continued health and safety to all my fellow MSBL players across the country.