Lou Perske Swings from a Tree to Stay Ready for the Season! (Well, sort of)

By Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications

Lou Perske is a member of the North County MSBL, located in San Diego, and plays for the San Diego Giants. Like all of us Lou is doing the maximum social distancing and dreaming of a return to the field soon.

We asked Lou what he was doing to stay busy in his training and if there is anything special he is up to.

“My routine is to run 2.5 miles twice a week on the beach with baseball exercises intermixed, such as karaoke running, bending to simulate fielding a grounder, pretending to throw the baseball in different directions, backwards running with glove hand up blocking the sun, etc.

I also lift weights once a week, with baseball moves such as swinging a barbell from a baseball stance, swinging against a heavy bag, and throwing with resistance bands. I go to the cages once a week when possible. In the meantime, we’re hunkering down, getting groceries delivered, and only going out when absolutely necessary while wearing PPE. And we are of course hoping that we can get a summer season in.

I also bought a baseball swing device that is designed to wrap around a pole but I put it on a tree branch.  We do what we can to be ready, even hitting a baseball off a tree!”