Longtime Lehigh Valley Member Lou Tita Passes Away

Submitted by Turk Starniri, Lehigh Valley (PA) MABL/MABL League President

Lou Tita lived for this league and always defending me when there was much negative information floating around about me.  I always counted on him to help me with the League and he always volunteered to help in fundraising and all things league related.

Losing his wife Josie almost two years ago to cancer, after many years of marriage, affected him greatly and he was lost without her.  We all believed that even with his grandkids and watching them mature and play sports, he would rather be with Josie.  He did write a book called “Pogo Stick” about his life with polio and fighting through it by playing sports. I never knew he had this affliction because it never seemed to affect his athletic ability. The book signing was planned and Lou was looking forward to it but passed four days prior. The book is available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble. All proceeds to benefit St. Jude Hospital.  That’s the way Josie and he planned it.

Pogo Stick shares the stories of Louis Tita Jr, who grew up in Easton, Pennsylvania, and despite polio lead a blessed life. Readers will enjoy Louis’s wit and wisdom, his poignant stories and his funny anecdotes. Sports enthusiasts especially will be intrigued by his lifelong athletic career, playing and managing both children and adults. Readers will be inspired by Louis’s story of persistence overcoming challenges.” Amazon

He and brother Roger, also an MSBL player, led a colorful life as youngsters as his Father was a prolific gambler and bookmaker. Lou’s stories of life as a bookies’ son was colorful and as they say, “the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree”.

I will miss him.