Long Island Veteran Bill Rattazzi and Son Ronan Stay Sharp as Workout Buddies

Bill Rattazzi joined the Long Island MSBL in 1991 and played for the Massapequa Angels.  That stint was short lived, as he got together with good friend Bob Gotterbarn in 1992 and they formed the New York Rangers.  The Rangers are now entering their 29th year in the league, winning two league titles and one MSBL World Series title in Arizona.  Bill took some time to tell us what he is doing to stay in baseball shape and how he and his family are dealing with our current pandemic.

The Corona Virus Pandemic has certainly created a new reality for me, my immediate family as well as my NY Rangers family.  Now, the focus is only on the health and safety of family and friends with little regard for much else. However, the thought of the distraction of playing baseball again when this is over is a comforting light at the end of the tunnel. This brings to light how important playing in the MSBL is to me and I am sure to my teammates.

I am lucky enough to have a 14-year old son, Ronan, who helps me stay in baseball shape by participating in hitting and fielding drills with me on a regular basis. Ronan is a travel baseball player and is doing his best to stay in shape for the eventual beginning of his season as well.  My team has been practicing indoors since the second week in January and we were able to conduct three outdoor practices before it became prudent not to. So, we have only missed three weeks of practice since this began.

The NY Rangers stay connected throughout the year via weekly email updates that keep us on the same page. This has allowed us to create a bond that has allowed us to stay united even though we are not practicing. We are truly a Family.

The NY Rangers have participated in the Arizona MSBL World Series 16 times, winning the championship in 2008. We have not played there since 2013 but it is my hope to return again in two years when my son is 16 so that we can play together in the Father/Son Division. That will be a perfect ending to my 30+ years in the MSBL.

It is my hope that soon the Corona Virus Pandemic will be a memory and that we will soon be back to the routine of our regular lives.  That routine will be a comfort as will baseball, when it returns. I hope that everyone in The MSBL Family has stayed safe and healthy throughout this ordeal and I look forward to seeing you down the road.