Joel ‘Lefty’ Zich Turns 80 Years ‘Young’ as Member of Milwaukee-Rock 62+ Lugnuts

Joel ‘Lefty’ Zich is a member of the Milwaukee Rock Lugnuts and is turning 80 years ‘young’ today, January 18th.  Lefty has been a league member on 45+, 55+ and 65+ teams for quite a few championship years.

“Lefty will be a rookie this year on our 2021 version of the 62-over Lugnuts, who were the first-year division champions a while back and one of the founding teams in this age bracket as we take another stab with a team made up of former champions, has-beens and never wuzzes,” stated close friend and teammate Jeff Walsh.

Lefty is a pitcher, an outfielder and a good contact hitter.

“If my knee surgery goes well, I will catch him and our battery will be a combined 154 years old,” stated Walsh.  “And we’re still able to play alongside all those young 62 year-old whippersnappers!  Happy Birthday, Lefty. Good luck and best wishes for a great and fun year!”