Jerry Weaver from KC MSBL Plans on Playing at ‘Field of Dreams’ in Iowa this Summer

By Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications

Jerry Weaver lives in Shawnee, Kansas and plays in the 55-over and 65-over divisions of the Kansas City MSBL.  This is a step up for Jerry, as he played in the 45-over and 55-over divisions last year while continuing his 14-year tenure in the league.  “The whole baseball thing started again because my wife gave me a birthday present to a Kansas City Royals Fantasy Baseball Camp and I was hooked!”

“To stay busy, I have been reading the history of the Kansas City A’s,” explained Weaver.  “I also started a new hobby of collecting autographed model baseball gloves of players traded between Kansas City A’s and New York Yankees.  From 1955 to 1960 (time frame that Arnold Johnson owned the Kansas City A’s) the A’s were considered the Yankees off the record farm team.  Before 1955, the Kansas City Blues were actually the Yankees farm team.”

Jerry is also planning on playing in a ‘Field of Dreams’ fundraiser in Dyersville, Iowa this summer and also taking part once again in the 65-over and 70-over divisions at this year’s MSBL World Series. “God willing!”

“To try to stay in baseball condition I throw the football and play catch with my 12-year old grandson in the front yard.  Sometimes three or four of us will play catch and take batting practice outside at a community park that is still open.”

We asked Jerry how the current outbreak has impacted his life.  

“Unfortunately, too many people are dying.  To me the God Lord has been telling us to slow down as a society and we weren’t listening (me included).  Basically, the International “Stay at Home” mandate has slowed us down. The great take away is that I see families together with their kids in their yard and not hurrying off to multiple activities.  My wife has a small organic company so I have been helping her keep the store stocked in the Kansas City area.”

We have a couple of sayings for our new older leagues when we are recruiting new guys to get back into baseball.  First is “How hard would you play if you didn’t know how old you are”?  The second is we need to embrace and enjoy the “New-New. We have a large number of guys playing with new and/or revamped body parts but still have that old burning desire to play baseball.

‘Meet you on the Ball Field’.