Jeff Lowery, APN Video: The Man Behind the Lens at the MSBL World Series

By Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications

Editor’s note: Jeff Lowery and I have been working together for over a decade to promote his expertise behind the camera.  I consider Jeff not only a shining star at our annual MSBL World Series in Arizona but a very good friend and a true professional.  We have been publishing his ads here and there every year as we get closer to Arizona in October but you probably don’t know the guy behind the lens.  We asked Jeff to put together a short bio so that you might know a little more about ‘Mr. APN Video’

Jeff is the guy who will not only film your special game to help you create instant memories but you’ll also see him bouncing around the Valley of the Sun shooting our ‘Marucci Big Play of the Day’ that appears in every edition of our World Series Daily News during the tournament. 

Baseball in the mid-70s was a special time for the Voice of the MSBL World Series Jeff Lowery.  His first year as a baseball fan was 1975, and you can imagine what it was like to be treated to one of the greatest teams of all time, the 1975-76 Cincinnati Reds.

In Jeff’s own words, below is some insight into the man bringing you the highlights and memories from the MSBL World Series.  If you wish to contact Jeff and reserve filming of your special game this year, his contact information is included at the conclusion of the story.  Thanks, Jeff, for all you do!

I remember my father taking me down to Riverfront Stadium and the grass was so green and everything was vibrant.  I’ve never been so excited in my life than watching Pete Rose and the rest of that great team play.  Of course, they won back-to-back titles in 75′ and 76’.  I truly believe that my team was going to win the world championship every year thereafter.  

In 1996, I was hired by a local video production company to call MSBL World Series games in Arizona.  I remember walking into old Packard Stadium on the campus of Arizona State.  It was the first time professionally I called a baseball game from a professional venue.  It was exciting.  But the level of play back then wasn’t as good as it is today.  Unlike in the major leagues, I’ve noticed that many MSBL players collectively have improved the overall level of play.

I truly have an admiration for so many of the players for the intestinal fortitude to persevere thru a grinding World Series schedule.  For example, my good friend Kenny Forman throwing 67 innings on the mound in just a four-week span or Dick Fitzgerald pitching in a league with players 20 or 30 years younger and still getting people out.

I think about many players not only playing all three weeks of the tournament but playing for different teams in the higher age groups.  

This tournament is truly special.  Steve Sigler’s foresight back in the ’90s has now become a baseball mecca for thousands of players.  It has evolved in its 36 years from a novelty to being all about the memories and the camaraderie.

I am proud that APN Video has been a huge part of many of the team’s world series experiences down thru the years. I really get into the games and pull for the teams who allow us to produce the video for them.  There are so many wonderful moments, like another great friend Lou Gordon of the Chicago North Cubs winning his first title after 20+ years.  Or watching the South Dakota Rushmores, with John Larsen at the helm going from the 60+ division to now the ’80s, and still making plays.  What an honor it has been for me to call their games.

I will also never forget filming the Roger Clemens game at the stadium in 2015 as well as covering the Wounded Warriors events, from softball exhibitions early on to their recent baseball competition as entrants in the World Series as the Louisville Slugger Warriors.

I recall the number of requests to film teams re-scheduled games after midnight back in 2000, due to a week of constant rainfall, or the excitement of filming international diamond dreamers from Holland, the Netherlands, the Caribbean, and of course Australia.

APN started because I possess a passion for calling the game of baseball.  For me, it’s all about the people, the friendships, the memories, and the greatest game on Earth!