Important MSBL Tournament Player Pool Update

Greetings!  The MSBL World Series in Arizona and MSBL Fall Classic in Florida are a little over a month away and players and managers alike are finding out their needs and assessing their last-minute additions as they hit the stretch run.  There are a couple of things to please remember to help us better manage the page.

It is very important that either the manager or player lets us know if you have been picked up.  There are an unprecedented 300 names listed on the Player Pool page and looking at all of the names can be a little daunting.  We are hoping to keep that list streamlined as rosters get finalized.  If you have been picked up as a player or if you are a manager who just added someone from the pool, please send me an email at and I’ll be happy to remove you.

One very helpful tool to utilize is the ‘search’ box located just above the name column on the Player Pool page.  This little gem really helps sort the list for your specific need.  For example, you can type in ‘65+’ and that’s all that will show up for you.  You can even type in a position, such as ‘SS’ and only shortstops will appear.  It is so sensitive you could even type in a league name, such as ‘Sacramento’, and only those players appear.  This is a great way to narrow your search and save you a ton of time.

Thanks for listening and good luck in your tourneys.  A little fall baseball is the perfect way to shake off the dust from a rather uncertain summer season and pave a positive path toward 2021.

Take care and stay safe, everyone…

Steve LaMontia, MSBL Director of Communications