Submitted by Rod Shipman, Chairman, Halo Baseball Club (CA)

The Halo Baseball Club (HBC) in California is a non-profit 501 c (7) amateur baseball club. Formed in late 2004, they have been a member of the Men’s Senior Baseball League (MSBL) since January 2005. They began league play in early 2005 following the Los Angeles Angels Adult Baseball Camp held in Tempe Arizona. They currently operate as a four team league within the MSBL family and are frequent participants in the MSBL World Series in Arizona.

Antony Mitchell and has been a member of HBC since 2007 and has played in the MSBL World Series in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2016, most recently on a 50-over team. Antony has a son who has not only followed in dad’s footsteps as a baseball aficionado, but at an elite level. But the real story is what his son, Garrett, must overcome on a daily basis not just to play ball but to survive. Garrett is a type 1 diabetic. Baseball America published a very special story on Garrett on April 27th titled ‘Garrett Mitchell is a Unique Talent in Many Ways.’ Here is an excerpt from the story: “The pump is constantly connected to Garrett Mitchell. Every day, every hour and every minute of his life—aside from a brief moment every three days when he changes it—Garrett is connected to a small piece of plastic tubing that acts as a vital organ.”

Garrett is ranked #27 in the Baseball America’s Top 100 Prospect list, as he prepares to make the decision of his life when the MLB amateur draft comes around on June 12th. Both Garrett and a very nervous dad Antony will be waiting for the phone to ring but what Garrett has to endure on a daily basis makes him a unique talent and an inspiration to keep on pushing. Click on Baseball America’ to read the complete article.