Fidel Gines Suffers Double-Tragedy in Red River Adult Baseball League; Needs Your Help

By Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications

Two weeks ago during a game for the Bossier City Rats of the 30-over division of the Red River Adult Baseball League, 34-year-old Fidel Gines rounded second and something popped.  His Achilles ruptured and his night was over.  His girlfriend Heather took him home and then phase two of the day’s tragedy hit.  Fidel suffered a stroke and she immediately called 911. Fidel has spent the last two weeks in the hospital recovering from a blot clot in his brain.

“His right side is paralyzed and he has slurred speech but is still understandable,” said his coach and good friend Zane Nipper.  “Fortunately, Heather is a nurse and knew what to do and sensed what had happened.  He is starting to move his arm a little so he is making progress.”

Fidel is a self-employed contractor and is looking at six months to a year of therapy.  He is being sent to a rehab center today (Friday) and will begin the long progress.  His Achilles problem only complicates recovery and mobility.

“Fidel is a great person and so full of energy,” continued Zane.  “He has been a team member for two years, plays shortstop and center field, and is hitting .484.  He lives for baseball and I am sure is aching to get back on the field.”

Zane has set up a Go Fund Me page for Fidel to help offset not only medical expenses but living expenses.  Fidel has no money coming in until he can get back to work so good buddy Zane asked if we can broadcast his plea.

“Medicaid will pick up around two weeks of expenses but this obviously extends well beyond that,” concluded Zane.  “Any help, no matter how small, will help a fellow passionate ball player.  Thank you all in advance for any help.”

To help support Fidel, HERE is the link to his Go Fund Me page.