Father-Son Duo Joe and Andy Karpowicz both pitch 2020 victories in Columbus MSBL

Editor’s note: I was informed by Columbus MSBL league president Rick Fryman that something special had happened in his league, as father-son teammates had both achieved victories in the same year from the mound for the 35-over Columbus DodgersJoe and Andy Karpowicz achieved this feat, as Andy notched his victory on August 16th to match dad’s victory earlier in the year on July 29th.  I caught up with Joe to fill in some details for us.

Joe has been a league member since 1996 and has also been attending the MSBL World Series with the Columbus Dodgers from that year through 2012.

“That streak came to an end in 2013 as I required two knee replacement surgeries, a few months apart of course,” said the elder Karpowicz.  “I haven’t been back since but maybe Andy and I can get down there together, maybe in the Father/Son division.  I haven’t given up on that yet.”

Joe was on the mound for the University of Notre Dame a while back while Andy took a route to Northern Kentucky University, also as a pitcher.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

“I pitched for Notre Dame and graduated in 1978 and Andy pitched for Northern Kentucky University, graduating in 2011.  For both of us having pitched in college and now playing together is pretty special.”

Andy is a part-time player, as his work and family schedule have limited his ability to make it every week.  He is usually a catcher and third baseman since he hasn’t been able to pitch these past nine years because he was underage for the 35-over division but now is able to pitch, having just turned 35.  More on the special father-son league rule is outlined below in the summary supplied by Joe.

“It has been wonderful to play alongside Andy these past nine years.  He has also caught me in the league, which is special having a Karpowicz battery.  Now that we can both pitch I am looking forward to the years ahead, body willing!”

Below is a short recap of the events submitted by Joe:

Submitted by Joe Karpowicz, Columbus Dodgers

“On Sunday, August 16, 2020, Andy Karpowicz was the winning pitcher for the Dodgers in the 35+ division of the Columbus Men’s Senior Baseball League.  What made that win unique was that earlier in the season I was also the winning pitcher in a game.  According to league President Rick Fryman and long-serving prior President Jim Durham, this was the first time in league history that a father, son duo were the winning pitchers in the same season. 

I am 64 years old and in my 26th season of playing and pitching in the CMSBL, all for the Dodgers, and Andy, age 35, has been in the league playing for our Dodgers for nine years, plus a few years in the MABL.  We got an early start playing together in the MSBL thanks to a father-son rule, instituted by MSBL National Hall of Famer, Durham and kept alive by fellow National Hall of Famer, Fryman, that allows for an underage son to play, but not pitch, with his father.  The rule truly re-ignited my interest in playing at a time when injuries were beginning to take a toll.  To me the rule embodies the essence of the MSBL, keeping fathers and sons together in baseball.”