Ex-Pros in the MSBL: Jason Garcia, Atlanta MSBL and Baltimore Orioles

Submitted by Don Pike, League President Atlanta MSBL

“Jason played with us two years ago and is a great guy and really loves the game. Jason was able to land a minor league contract with the Tampa Bay Rays in 2019 but was released in the fall and was ready to join us this year until this pandemic.  We hope to be able to play alongside Jason in 2020.  He is a native of the Bronx and pitched in ‘The Show’ in 2015.”

Here is a brief summary of Jason’s career thus far, as told by Jason:

“My name is Jason Garcia and I now live in Cartersville, Georgia but I am from Land ‘O Lakes, Florida.  I have played professionally for the past 10 years between Minor Leagues and Major Leagues.  In the Atlanta MSBL I played with the Atlanta Reds in the 18-over division. I mainly pitched for them but played some outfield as well as some infield positions when needed! I started with the Reds in 2018 while I was an MLB free agent and played to stay ready and keep pitching while I was hoping to sign with a team.

Growing up I was a big fan of Pedro Martinez and Mike Piazza and especially the way Pedro carried himself on the mound and never backed down.  I took the mound with that mentality. When I was with the Orioles I would say my favorite player to play with was by far Adam Jones. Everyone knows how great of a leader he is but they don’t see how he really cares about everyone on the team, whether a rookie or 10-year veteran. He keeps it loose in the clubhouse but knows how to push guys when needed and how to help guys when they need it.

Manny Machado and Mike Trout were the two guys playing with and against that just made you stop and stare. How easy they made the game look was amazing. And the plays those guys made just didn’t look real.

In all my years of playing, two men made the biggest impressions on me. My high school coach Calvin Baisley and a pitching coach with the orioles Alan Mills. What I like most about playing with the Reds in the MSBL are the guys I get to lace up with. I enjoy being around a group of guys who share the same passion and respect for the game as much as I do. At the end of the day it’s still a game and playing with them helped restart my career. It made me realize how much I love playing the game and if you are a pro or not, it is still a game!”

Here are a few of Jason’s highlight videos, from his throwing behind Jose Bautista to an interview after his first Major League win in 2015.  There is also a glimpse of his throwing in the Arizona Fall League in November of 2015.