East Coast Cardinals Maintain Tournament Dominance with 40+ Championship in Billy Townsend Memorial Day Weekend Tournament in Atlanta

Submitted by team coach and Buffalo MSBL League President Ralph Proulx

The East Coast Cardinals, led by their manager David Hash, coach Ralph Proulx, coach Glenn Hauptman, and coach Steve Garrett, won the 40+ division championship at the 27th annual Memorial Day Weekend Billy Townsend Tournament by going undefeated.  The EC Cardinals players came from across the country to enjoy the sunshine and excellent ballparks of Atlanta.

In the EC Cardinals typical style, pitching and defense were leading the way. The pitching staff which came to Atlanta with over 1,000 wins included Sam Brown, Joe Hahn, Jim Kearschner, Luis Nesmith, Chad Sanders, Mathew StevensJohn Pardo and Rodney Tafoya.

The EC Cardinals offense scored 63 runs on their way to a 5-0 record and the Championship.

The Cardinals were led on both offense and defense by Co-MVP’s Israel Gonzalez Salaberrios at shortstop and center fielder/first baseman Mike Faniglula. (shown below)