Cody McKeon: Participating in Two Leagues in Two States, Every Week, Nearly Four Hours One Way, and Loving Every Minute

By Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications

Let us begin our story about Cody with a few words from David Pratt, League President of the Red River Adult Baseball League, located in and around Shreveport, LouisianaMSBL Founder and President Steve Sigler asked various league presidents to recommend some people within their league that should be profiled as part of our 2022 celebration of MSBL’s 35-year anniversary.  Here are David’s words:

“I would like to recognize Cody McKeon of our Twin City Giants of the 18+ Division. Cody found our league while serving in the military locally at Barksdale Air Force Base. He later became the coach of the Barksdale Bombers team, a squad initially comprised of mostly Air Force personnel. I believe he did some overseas assignments for the military and then came back…and continued playing in our league.

A few seasons back, he moved to the Little Rock, Arkansas area. However, he continues to drive back (almost 3 1/2 hours one way) each weekend to play in our league. His Giants team (he is not the coach) is 13-1 and the #1 seed heading into this weekend’s championship game. He also plays in the MSBL Little Rock league. He is a good guy all around and he deserves some recognition for his dedication and contributions to the Red River Adult Baseball League.”

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Here are a few words of appreciation from Cody:

“I am honored to have been nominated for this. I am active-duty military stationed in Little Rock, Arkansas and I was playing with my old league in Shreveport for the last six-plus years prior to 2022. I coached in the Red River league and this year before our season, I took a promotion up in Little Rock and needed to move but I was still committed to my teammates after losing in the championship last year.

I had the determination to want to win a championship. My entire time in the league in Shreveport, I never won a championship. I was originally put on a team called the Bombers in 2015. In the 2017 season, the coach was leaving and I was asked to take over coaching duties. During that 2017 season, there was a collision at home and I tore my ACL MCL and Meniscus. Four surgeries later, and about two seasons of barely being able to step on the field, all I did was coach. The year before Covid was my last year with the Bombers, as I could not take the burden of coaching any longer.

I moved to the Giants the year after and both years we were in first place in the league yet we fell short both years not winning the championship. So, this year I really thought was our year.  This season (2022) we only lost one game, and it was to our rivals. Well, we saw our rivals in the championship game, but unfortunately, we played the worst game of the year and lost.”

We caught up with Cody and discussed his amazing dedication to his original teammates in the Red River league and his 3 ½ hour drive back from Little Rock every week to fulfill his obligation to his teammates.

“I am 30 now, active-duty Air Force, work the night shift, and am able to do this,” stated McKeon.  “I grab my three dogs, jump in the truck, and we go on a road trip every week!  We all stay with a friend and then head home the next day.”

Cody continues to play in the very competitive 18-over division in Red River and the 21-over division in Little Rock and loves the challenge.  Now that his injuries are in the rear-view mirror, he will just keep playing ball at the most competitive level.

“A couple of guys in Little Rock throw in the low to mid-90s so I see some pretty good pitching.  I love it.  I played third base and first base in college and pitched a little, too.  I pitch now but am not the ‘go to’ guy.”

What is the biggest draw to making this commitment every week?

“Last year (2021) we only lost one game (Giants) and then lost in the finals.  I am committed to the team and then got promoted to Little Rock with the Air Force but I knew I couldn’t let them down.  I want to continue to do this but the cost of diesel fuel for my truck needs to come down.  I can’t afford to keep doing this, but I sure want to.”

Editor’s note: The Giants lost to the Rangers 10-1 in the 2022 Red River championship game while Cody’s White Sox won their championship in the Central Arkansas MSBL in Little Rock.

What is your fondest memory of your Red River experience?

“When I first got drafted, I met Anthony Eyr and we immediately bonded.  I was even in his wedding.  I made a true best friend and secured a lifelong relationship.  In 2015 we took over the reins of the Barksdale Bombers together but constantly had problems getting enough players to the games.  We finally gave up and both play on the Giants now.”

What is the funniest thing you have seen while playing?

“I don’t know if this qualifies as funny but it centers on my knee injury in 2017. I was the runner on second base and the ball was hit to right center and I tried to score and hurt my knee severely at home plate.  The rest of the team picked me up and drove me to the hospital.  It has taken me nearly three years to fully recover, but I will never forget how much both teams cared at that moment.  It means a great deal to me and speaks volumes about the league.  I hope I can continue to play there.  They are great guys.”