Atlanta MABL Goes the Extra Mile to Help Youth Sports

Submitted by Don Pike, Atlanta MABL League President

Atlanta MABL continues to go the extra mile to secure fields and build/strengthen relationships with Metro Atlanta School’s athletic programs. Last fall I was asked to assist to get a high school softball playable for the girls fall team. Their first game was less than a week away. That`s me on my bobcat in the attached photos!

A lot of these softball coach’s coach both girl’s softball in the fall and baseball in the spring. They eventually move on to better gigs, which opens more opportunities for our league locally. They don`t forget what we do for them. In this case, the athletic director from one school moved to another and after listening to his new coach’s concerns, put him in touch with me.

I spoke with the school today and they shared the enclosed photos. I didn`t remember photos being taken. Sometimes going the extra mile for a school goes further than cutting a check in the spring. Not only did I pick up a field, I made a friend in the coach!