Atlanta Dragons Past, Present and Future Hall of Fame Ceremony at Suntrust Park

Submitted by Brett Washburn, Atlanta Dragons manager

On March 9, 2018 at ‘The Chop House’ at Suntrust Park, new home of the Braves, 37 current and former Atlanta MSBL Dragons showed up to honor the 2017 25-over League Champs and Hall of Fame ceremony. The picture above is a picture from the party where we celebrated 22 seasons, our first championship and the induction of two new members.

The Dragons Hall of Fame is as much about being a good teammate as it is production on the field and longevity. The storied Dragons tradition started by Robert Frazier in the 90’s was built on a “just have fun” mentality and the wins have come with it along the way. ‘Once a Dragon, always a Dragon’ lives on today with many deep seeded relationships that were formed on the diamond and will last a lifetime.

The Hall of Fame is a prestigious club, however there are many great Dragons over the years, reflected in the record books and the pictured history of the team. Many retired Dragons still support the team and are very proud of what they started and what we represent to the MSBL still today.

We held a tailgate reunion at our first playoff game in 2016 and 11 former Dragons showed up. The reunion picture is below:

Here are a few Dragons fun facts:

*In 2018 the Dragons need 17 wins to reach the 300 win milestone going into our 23rd season.

*There are 12 Dragons Hall of Famers over those 23 seasons.

*The Dragons record on opening day is 21-2 over the years. We are 41-9-2 over the last two seasons with our first MSBL Championship coming in 2017.

*The Dragons are hosting another party at Suntrust Park on August 31st during the Braves/Pirates game. This time it will be held at ‘Below the Chop’, a private party area located outside right field. All league managers and players are welcome to join in!

Go to to check out pictures, records, history, story of origination, stats and a team guide.