An ‘All-Moedritzer’ Infield Makes History for the Seattle Mariners in this Year’s Father/Son Zona Division

By Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications

Jerry Duris is the manager of the Seattle Mariners, who recently competed in the Father/Son Zona division of this year’s MSBL World Series.  The Mariners hail from, you guessed it, the Puget Sound Senior Baseball League located in and around Seattle.  Jerry’s son, Joey, is also a part of the team and was nice enough to share a very special moment with us that emerged from one of their recent games in the round-robin portion of their recent week.

“My dad has put a Father and Son team together for the last 20 years, except last year due to covid,” said the younger Duris.  “We had a great group of guys this year and were fortunate enough to go 3-1 in the round-robin.  We lost our playoff game but it was great to be playing competitive ball on Saturday.  I have been so blessed to make these memories of playing baseball with my dad.  Thanks to MSBL for making all of this possible.”

So what happened that made this trip so memorable?

Mike Moedritzer has played in the Puget Sound league for many years and he is a longtime participant at the World Series.  Mike and his three sons, Chris, Luke, and Stefan, were all able to make it to the tournament this year.  In our first game of the Father/Son round-robin portion against the Utah Wildcats, we had the opportunity to have an ‘All-Moedritzer’ infield.  Mike was at first base, Stefan at second, Chris at short, and Luke holding down third.  Each son had a ground ball hit to them in that first inning and each recorded a clean out.  It was really amazing.

I also want to mention that our team lost a longtime friend and teammate a few months back in Bruce Morrison.  We think Bruce is up in heaven watching us play ball and helping amazing moments like this happen.  We miss you, Bruce!