Allie Kubik Battles Cancer, Gives Birth, then Donates 10,000 Masks to the Hospital Staff in Minnesota

Submitted by Ryan Lutzka, Twin City (MN) MABL League President

“I think this story is worth sharing.  Devin Kubik is the TCMABL 18+ Manager of the Minneapolis Expos.  His wife Allie was diagnosed with breast cancer during her pregnancy of their son Nolan.  Through all of this, Allie was able to donate 10,000 masks to medical workers who helped save her and her father’s life.  This is simply an amazing story.  The local television station aired a story about Allie and her struggles in fighting breast cancer while preparing for giving birth to Nolan.”

Added husband Devin, “The background on the mask donation is actually a unique story. It stemmed from my wife getting jerseys made for a couple teams in our league this season.  Not sure if you’re aware or not, but my wife has sourced/provided numerous team’s (Owls, Expos, Angels, Cubs, Rams, Hounds) jerseys over the years.  She was reaching out to her supplier for this upcoming season and they had shifted their focus to mask production at the time.  Knowing there was an opportunity there, my wife worked with the supplier to get 10,000 masks here and was able to donate, giving back to hospital that helped our family.  Crazy how the world works!”

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