A Father/Son Story About Four Yoshinaga Backstops

By Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications

Something special is going on within the very popular Father/Son division of this year’s MSBL World SeriesIssac Yoshinaga, from Englewood, California is a seasoned World Series catcher.  His oldest son Anthony is a catcher.  Isaac Jr. is a catcher.  And guess what?  His youngest son Daniel is also a catcher.  They are all together this year as they play for the So Cal Quakes in this year’s National/Federal division.

“I started going to the World Series back in 1998 with the Westside Dogs,” explained the elder Isaac.  “My first ring was in the 28-over division with the Dogs in 2004.  We won again in 2005 with the Dogs and then in 2010, I was able to win one with Anthony on Bob Sherwin’s LA Athletics Father/Son team.  That was special.  Then in 2012, we won again with Isaac, Jr. on the Athletics.  Those are wonderful memories.”

Isaac Sr. is a 50-year-old who works for the City Library of Englewood and has been coaching high school baseball for 30 years.  His youngest son, Daniel, just graduated in 2020 under dad’s watchful eye.  He has also just started a Little League program in the city.

“We started in 2020 with about 200 kids and then covid hit and we had to cancel it.  All of the coaching takes a lot of time so I don’t play in a summer league.  I only play in Arizona at the World Series.  I certainly get enough reps coaching the kids!”

So, what is the history of all of your boys playing alongside dad?

“2010 was my oldest son Anthony’s first time and then in 2012 Isaac Jr. came aboard and then in 2019 Daniel joined.  We were with the Athletics initially and then in 2019 with the Terre Haute Volkers when Daniel came along.  In 2020 my wife has some health issues and then covid hit so we decided we couldn’t do it.  We’re looking forward to playing together for the Quakes this year.”

Are there any special moments that stick out from your many experiences with the kids?

MSBL and the World Series Father/Son division is something very special to us.  We have shared so many great memories.  But possibly the biggest memory is that I hit a home run out of Tempe Diablo Stadium back in about 2002 and my middle son also did it at Tempe Diablo in 2017.  How many fathers and sons get to hit a homer out of the same stadium?”

So, in conclusion…

“I’ve been very fortunate to have played in MSBL for over 20 years.  I’ve played here in the LA area and enjoyed many MSBL tournaments in Palm Springs, Las Vegas, and of course everyone’s favorite, Arizona.  I don’t get to Palm Springs or Vegas anymore because of my work and coaching commitments.

I want to say thank you for providing the opportunity for us to play and creating lifelong memories.  There is nothing more precious than my being able to play alongside my sons in Arizona every October.”