A Brief Trip Down Memory Lane with Tim Craiger, Detroit MSBL

By Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications

So much of our current news is understandably centered on our country’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, and with that how it impacts our great game, both at the MSBL amateur level and in MLB.  With that said, it is refreshing to just take a step back now and again and walk through memory lane for a smile or two.

Tim Craiger from the Detroit MSBL took a moment to simply send us a couple of his favorite photos from past MSBL World Series and Fall Classics.  Thanks, Tim, for thinking of us!

Hello, Tim Craiger here from Detroit. I’ve been playing in the MSBL World Series and Fall Classic since 1989 and I believe I unfortunately hold the record for most final’s appearances, that being 12, without a single victory.  I even lost in two finals in one day, with separate teams of course. 

But the reason I am writing you is that I just wanted to share with you two of my all-time favorite pictures I captured from the World Series and Fall Classic. One shows me alongside long-time teammate from Detroit Jerry Cockrell at the World Series and also a shot I personally captured during a game in the Fall Classic of Scott Bills and again Jerry Cockrell.  I hope these pictures bring some hope of great times ahead this fall!