70+ Legends Take the Field in San Antonio

Submitted by Skip Bradley, San Antonio

“We hosted our ‘Legends’ game last week and had a great time.  Each man is at least 70 years old and there are no young punks allowed in this game (LOL)!

Our Legends are a pickup team of league members triggered by me so that just 70-over guys could play.  Some of them don’t get a lot of innings in during their regular season so this gives them more of a level field.  We had four Legends games so far, starting last year.  There is no regular schedule.  I just decided to have one once in a while and it is well received.

We just ‘saddle up’, pick two captains who pick the teams, and make sure each one has a pitcher and catcher.  Then we play ball!  We supply many errors, hits, surprises, and plenty of laughter.

We had 1,612 total years of age on the field last week, with the oldest being Jerry Wolff at 80.  He is standing to the left of me (Skip back row, middle) in the picture in the Red Sox jersey.

Most of them have been in the league for over 18 years, with a lot of them for 30.  The most fun is utilizing the ‘sandlot’ approach to picking teams, as I mentioned.  It takes us back to ‘flipping the bat’ when we were kids and picking sides.  About a quarter of the players come from the 60+ division of the regular league.” – Skip