“Batters Box Mobile” Makes a Stop at the MSBL World Series at Tempe Diablo Stadium

A note from Kyle Stewart, Batter’s Box Mobile

“Batter’s Box Mobile” is a proud member of the MSBL family! We are located inside Tempe Diablo Stadium during the MSBL World Series. Bring your team get your swings right on our video pitching machine, or inside our soft toss and tee work cage! We also feature HitTrax technology which displays and records balls in real time inside any stadium! Exit velocity, launch angles, and even your swing can be recorded and emailed to you in order to analyze strengths as well as areas of improvement. We will also feature home run derbys and games with prize rewards with this awesome technology. Follow the link here discounted for CAGE TIME RESERVATIONS and book time for the entire team! Email Kyle@battersboxmobile.com for inquiries and reservations as well.”