45-over A’s Notch Unconventional Triple Play in Arizona MSBL

Submitted by Chris Means, Arizona MSBL

On Tuesday night, August 25th, our 45-over A’s team played the 45+ Dbacks team and our team recorded a legitimate TRIPLE PLAY in the first inning!  Let me explain…

It was the bottom of the first inning and the Dbacks were batting with the score 0-0.  The first Dbacks batter reached on an error and two pitches later he stole second.  The next Dbacks batter reached on a single, advancing the first guy to third.  Two pitches later the Dbacks runner on first stole second base.

So, now we’re in a pickle.  They have runners on second and third with nobody out and their number three hitter coming to the plate. 

Their #3 guy hit a sharp, hot grounder to our third baseman, Rob Rusch, Jr. who charged it and fielded it cleanly.  He tagged the runner who was on second base who was trying to advance to third and then wheeled and threw a strike to home plate where our catcher, Wayne Hetland, was waiting.  The runner from third was racing toward home so Wayne caught the ball, tagged the runner out, then turned and fired a strike to our first baseman, Mark Yoder.  The batter was out by five steps.  TRIPLE PLAY! 

The play sparked us as the A’s went on to win the game 9-6.