Long Island Midweek MABL/MSBL Celebrates 35-Year Anniversary in 2024

Submitted by Johnny Billera, Long Island Midweek MABL/MSBL

For 2004 Men’s Senior Baseball League (MSBL) Hall of Fame inductee Tim Hott, baseball has always been a part of his DNA. However, Tim wasn’t able to play school ball growing up, which left him with softball as his only option. He found himself playing and managing “The Hitmen” in a local softball league in 1988, which played on Tuesday nights. This is also the same year he attended a Mets Fantasy Camp.

Tim holt, president of long island, miami-middle island.

The Long Island MSBL, a weekend baseball league founded by Steve Sigler, started two years prior in 1986 with just four teams. This is when Tim linked up with friend Ed Cantor, who told Tim about this Sunday hardball league that he was playing in. After his third stint at Mets Fantasy Camp (this time accompanied by Ed) in 1990, Tim knew there was an itch for baseball that needed to be scratched.

His love of baseball and desire to play the game fueled the creation of his own baseball league derived from players whom he played softball with. Hott also dropped an ad in The Great Neck Record to further spark interest in his new baseball league that would solely operate during the week, allowing players to have their weekends free. This idea and format were unique and one that would end up generating tremendous popularity.Two men in a car smiling and signing autographs.

Tim’s initial thought was to continue with softball on Tuesdays and then play baseball on Thursdays. This newly formed baseball league had started with four teams, which included a Sunday team from Sigler’s league called the Bellerose Braves, managed by Niles Welikson.

The interest that followed this initial startup was enormous. By 1992, that 4-team league grew to 12. Needless to say, playing softball quickly became a thing of the past. Fast forward to 2009 and the league exploded with a total of 65 teams becoming a part of what is now known as Long Island Midweek Baseball.

As Long Island Midweek enters 2024, the league has achieved quite an amazing milestone. This year marks 35 years in existence! It has truly become a brotherhood for those who love to play the game of baseball. 2024 will feature approximately 33 teams with age divisions spanning from 32+, 35+, 45+, and 52+.