2024 MSBL Honor Roll Inductee: Jon Beggerly, Forth Worth MSBL

By Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications 

Jon Beggerly is the League President of the Fort Worth MSBL, a 12-team league offering competition in 25-over and 40-over divisions.  Jon has been running things for the past three years, after being ‘volutold’ he was taking over the top spot, after joining the league a decade ago with his Lone Stars team.  For his dedication and passion for the game, MSBL Founder and President Steve Sigler has cited Jon as a 2024 inductee into the MSBL Honor Roll family.2022 Mighty Coyotes win again in the Fort Worth MSBL

“I am very appreciative of being inducted into the MSBL’s Honor Roll,” said Jon.  “I appreciate that even though we are a small league, Steve is always willing to help out with answers or advice.  Running a league can be tough, but it’s nice to have the resources and support the MSBL provides for its members.  It means a lot to be honored.”

The 43-year-old Beggerly lives in Fort Worth and as his ‘real job,’ he lists being an architect and a general contractor in a design-build firm.

“I also hand-make baseball bats that myself and several guys through the league use. While I can’t make a living making bats, my wife is grateful that it is at least a self-sustaining hobby,” chuckled Jon.  “Fortunately, I have a beautiful wife who loves baseball and three daughters, 9, 6, and 3, who have grown up with the game. So far, I have two avid softball players. I’m sure the third is not far behind.”

Jon’s personal baseball journey began when he was nine years old.  These days he is typically the Lone Stars’ DH, occasionally roams the outfield and sees some time on the mound.

“I have played baseball since Texas League (age 9), through high school, and during college for various adult baseball leagues around Dallas/Fort Worth.  I also played one summer in Albuquerque during an internship. I started my own team shortly after college and have run the Texas Lone Stars Baseball Club for the last 14 years, the past ten in our league in the 25-over division.”

One of Jon’s special moments on the field includes a trip to Iowa that we would all like to have as part of our bucket list.

“One of my favorite moments was playing a tournament at the Field of Dreams movie site in Iowa. We took a group of six or seven guys from the FWMSBL that formed a sandlot team and headed for Dyersville. We joined up with a handful of other free agents at the tournament and had FUN playing baseball.

Everyone there truly loved the game of baseball. I got to play in the outfield behind a gentleman pitching to his grandson while the dad played second base.   AND I got to see my Rangers win the World Series!”

We asked Jon what he felt were the best things about the Fort Worth MSBL.

“The FWMSBL is building a great baseball community. We have a great group of leaders and players who love to compete on the field.  It is not uncommon to find two or more teams hanging out together behind the field, telling lies, and padding stats after the game.

Our league continues to grow as we bring more players back into the game, as this year’s tryout was our largest yet. Partnering with local high schools to rent their fields has allowed us to pour resources back into their programs as well. Adding back an All-Star game will be the newest expansion this season. I am excited to see where we go from here.”

Jon has yet to make an appearance at the MSBL World Series, though his league is well-represented.

“The 40+ division has assembled a team to participate in the MSBL World Series in Arizona almost every season since I have been part of the league.”

What do you feel is the main ingredient that cements the success of the Fort Worth MSBL and what advice do you have for any future league presidents?

“We have built a community. The players and coaches are constantly spreading the word and bringing in new players.

Regarding any advice, listen to your league coaches and then do what YOU believe is best for the league.  Read the rule book – it will take care of a lot of the controversy between teams.  Your league is a network of professionals – tap into that.  Find the guy good with web pages, find the artist, find the social media expert, and by all means, find the guy that works for the beer distributor and put him on your team!”

Even though I had a feeling what Jon’s answer would be, I asked him who his favorite player was, since he is a Texas Ranger fan.

“Newly elected Hall of Famer Adrian Beltre, for always having fun playing the game.  I loved watching him clown around and still be a great ballplayer.”