2024 MSBL Honor Roll Inductee: Bob Donaldson, Antelope Valley (CA) MABL

By Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications

Bob Donalson is the president of the Antelope Valley Men’s Adult Baseball League, a nifty 10-team, 18-over league located in and around beautiful Lancaster, California, where Bob has been playing since 1993.  For Bob’s dedication and guidance all of these years, MSBL Founder and President Steve Sigler has inducted Bob into the 2024 class of the MSBL Honor Roll.

“Steve has set up a great organization.  The leads he provides for insurance, equipment, and everyday business help is invaluable,” said Donaldson.  “That, along with the great undertaking of scheduling assistance and executing all of the various tournaments throughout the year.  I am honored to be named to the Honor Roll and to be a part of the MSBL.”

Bob is a 68-year-old roofing contractor and the father of two boys and two girls, the grandfather of seven, and the great-grandfather of 5.  That certainly keeps him busy when not manning the reins of the Antelope Valley league.

“I am blessed that I am still able to do the things that I can do, both mentally and physically, at my age.

We asked Bob how he started in the league and what some of the high points are in his playing career.

“Back in 1993 a fellow Little League coach asked me if I was interested in playing again.  I jumped at it.  I had been playing some form of organized baseball since I was six years old.  I play for the AVMABL Tigers right now in the league.  At 68, playing in an 18-over league does represent some challenges but I love every moment.”

With all of Bob’s experience in the game, there have to be some very special moments both as a player and a fan of our great game.

“Number one was going 6-6 in a league game with 10 RBI with three hits from each side.  In 2010 I also received an MVP award, a new glove, from my World Series team, the Oregon Donors, in the 55-over division.

Regarding what I have witnessed, I saw Roberto Clemente throw out a runner tagging at second and going for third after catching the ball at the right field foul pole.  I can also still remember seeing Frank Howard hit a ball off the back wall of the bullpen of Dodger Stadium while swinging with one hand.  However, my favorite player of all time is Mickey Mantle because of his amazing power from both sides of the plate.”

Bob does play in many of the MSBL National tournaments, to go along with his presidential duties.

“I have played in the Desert Classic in Palm Springs, the tournaments in Las Vegas, and occasionally regional tournaments in San Diego.  I first played in Arizona at the World Series in 1995 and then returned in 2005 and have been going every year since then.”

In conclusion, we asked Bob what he felt was the best thing about the Antelope Valley MABL.

“I enjoy the fact we are a ten-team league and not too large.  We are like family and enjoy being together, on or off the field.  That is important to me, and I’m sure to the players and their families.”