2024 45+

Montebello Angels 7, Phoenix Padres 3

Submitted by Robert Oskin, manager

The Montebello Angels once again came out to the 2024 Las Vegas Open in the 45+ division. But this year was different. Two weeks before coming out, eight players had to cancel for genuine reasons so we were coming out very short-handed.

Yosjan Brizuelas came out throwing a complete game for our first win. Luis Lira threw a complete game gem for us in game two for the win. Then in game three, we called upon Yosjan once again to throw and just like in game one, he threw another complete game for the win.

Going into the Championship we ended up playing the Phoenix Padres, who are always a very solid and competitive team to play. It was a nail-biter all the way through. Going into the bottom of the eighth with a score of 6-3 Angels and the bases loaded, Ray Del Campo pinch hit for the pitcher and came through with a big hit to put us up for a final score of 7-3.

We have to give it up to Tony Cabrera who sucked it up in the heat to throw a complete game for the win. He was exhausted at the end of the seventh but I asked if he could finish so we wouldn’t have to change the defense. ¬†Tony rose to the occasion and came through big time. We’ve always been lucky to have great pitchers and this week showcased their talents with all three going the distance.

Outstanding hitting certainly helped win us the trophy, including the talents of Louie Gonzalez, Charlie Valenzuela, Ken Lumpkin, Lira, Andy Corona, and Robert Cortini. Shout out to Eddie Mejia, Alfredo Nevarez, and Daniel Arruda for catching in the warm temperatures.

We look forward to coming out next year to defend and just to have a great time with all of our families and friends.