2023 MSBL National Hall of Fame Inductee: Ryan Lutzka, Twin Cities Men’s Adult Baseball League

By Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications

41-year-old Ryan Lutzka is the league president of the Twin Cities Men’s Adult Baseball League located in and around Minneapolis.  The Plymouth, Minnesota resident is a Senior Sales Director for the global company Blis.  Married in 2017 to Shelley, they welcomed son John Ryan to the family in 2018.

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Regarding his baseball resume, Ryan is a TCMABL and MSBL World Series champion, with a league career beginning in 2007 and annual World Series appearances since 2009.  Because of Ryan’s continued successes, and his talent in keeping the Twin Cities Men’s Adult Baseball League a cornerstone of MSBL achievements, MSBL Founder and President Steve Sigler has inducted Ryan into the 2023 class of the MSBL National Hall of Fame.

“When I was informed, I was completely stunned, humbled, and honored,” said Ryan.  “I take great pride in not only leading my teams but in leading the TCMABL.  I share this award with all the managers/players in the TCMABL.  Thanks to Steve and his staff at the National Offices for this prestigious honor.  I couldn’t be prouder to join the class of the 2023 MSBL HOF inductees.”

Ryan is a pitcher, catcher, third baseman, shortstop, and second baseman and plays in both the 18-over and 28-over divisions in the league.

“I play on the Sea Donkeys in the 18+ division and have been with them since 2007.  I am currently with the Muskies in the older division and have played with the Cubs, and Bauhaus Brewers before that.”

Ryan is taking this moment to attempt to be humble.  However, I asked him about championship details in the league.  I don’t think there is much more room on the mantle for trophies.

“In 2007 the Sea Donkeys were the 18+ TCMABL Tier 2 Champions and the Donkeys have won five more Regular Season Division Championships from 2016 through 2022.  While with the Brewers we also won six 28+ TCMABL championships.  I have been very fortunate.”

Ryan has also made 14 trips to Arizona for the MSBL World Series as a player/coach for the Twin Cities Cardinals, beginning in 2009.  They have won it in 2009, 2012, and 2018.  2009 was in the 18+ central and the final two were both in the 25+ central.

I asked Ryan about any personal comments he wanted to share.

“I thought my baseball career was over until the Sea Donkeys team formed in 2007.  It is simply amazing how joining that team and the TCMABL has changed my life forever.  I never imagined I would eventually become the TCMABL League President in 2017.

The TCMABL has been around since 1997, and has provided me and all its players “friends for life.”  I am forever grateful to the contributions of our former and future leaders.

There are so many people that have contributed to my life in baseball.  From my Dad, who instilled the love of baseball into my DNA, to my childhood buddies from Little League, and to my current brothers in the TCMABL.  I love you all!”