2023 45+ American

Montebello Angels 14, Las Vegas Senators 1

Submitted by Robert Oskin, Angel’s manager

The Montebello Angels returned to the MSBL Kickoff Classic week two after a week-one championship in the 33-over division and battled all weekend to again raise the championship trophy in the 2023 Kickoff Classic 45+ division. The Angels went 2-1 in the round-robin play.

The Angels had tremendous pitching by Yosjan Brizuelas, Josh Levine, Tony Cabrera, and Bobby Yanez. Daniel Arruda and Bobby made a great catcher/pitcher combination. Tony Cabrera threw a complete game win in the semi-finals and finally the Angels’ seasoned playoff veteran Bobby Yanez threw a complete game in the Championship game to propel the Angels to the 45+ Championship trophy!

The Angels’ offense took a game to get going but after a first-game loss, once again the Angels hit their stride as the team was hitting on all cylinders! The offensive standouts were Frank Medrano, Frankie Rodriguez, Brandon Hedding, Daniel Arruda, Yosjan Brizuelas, Eddie Nava, and Ramiro Jimenez.

The Angel’s championships all these years are only possible due to the players and their families enjoying the time with the team. Every championship is special because I know the sacrifices each player and their families make, using their vacation time and hard-earned money to travel to tournaments.  It is a hard task but seeing the smiles on all the players, wives, and extended family is all worth it. The Montebello Angels are one big family!