2021 65+ National

Athletics Lonestars Baseball Club 2, Sacramento Tribe 1

‘McPherson and Denevi Share MVP Honors’

The Athletics won in 2020 with COVID limiting the playing field. They knew 2021 would be a challenge with eight outstanding teams now vying for the National Division championship. The Athletics LoneStars Baseball Club came in with a 28- man roster but shallow in pitching.  To the surprise of co-managers Bob Sherwin and Joel Morley, players stepped up to win key pool play games and catapult the Athletics LoneStars directly into the championship game.

Mike Denevi, Charlie La Duca, Mike Patrick, Reuben Otis, and Don Bixby all threw outstanding games defeating tough competition.  Les Reill and Bill Brown completed the relief chores and saved game after game.  The defense helped make the difference for the team with an outfield of jackrabbit Craig Aramaki in center field aided by Mike Thatcher, Dan Little, Joe Williamson, Blaine Olson, and Hector Conzalez.  

The infield played like champions all week with Paul McPherson making one web gem after another at third base, Dave Dietrich gobbling up everything at short, Ron Piacenti and Artie Collazo completing the right side at second base and Dan Coleman and Terry Teske scooping up throws at first.  Gino Suter showed his usual versatility by filling in at third, short, and second base.  Dave Howard and Blaine Olson split duties behind the plate and seldom let a ball go through or allowed a runner to advance.

The offensive stars for the week were Thatcher, Aramaki, Denevi, and Bill Mitchel who hit close to .600.

The championship game was everything you would want in the big game with 2-1 victor over the ever-tough Sacramento Tribe.  2014 MSBL World Series Hall of Fame member Mike Denevi went all nine for the Athletics/Lonestars and was masterful in his performance.  Paul McPherson gave Denevi incredible support at third base with six assists. Hector Gonzalez got the web gem award for a diving catch in right field that probably saved two runs and preserved the win.   McPherson and Denevi were named the MVPs of the game.