2021 25+ Central

Denver Kokopellis 2, Tucson Angels 0

‘Kokopelli’s notch 300th Win During Series

On October 21, 2021 (Game three of pool play, a 12-8 victory) the Denver Kokopelli’s amassed their 300th overall win since their inception for the start of the 2007 season.  Several players on the team have played MSBL together since 2003 but it wasn’t until the team went from the “Cubs” to the Kokopelli’s, and the reigns were turned over to player/manager Brooks Robinson, did their winning ways become more consistent. 

Prior to 2007, the team struggled to have a full roster, sometimes barely enough to field a game day team, but since 2007 the team continued to add players and now routinely has an 18-20 man roster made up mostly of former college players.  They actually have zero Division 1 players.  Their college players consist of some D3 players and a few Juco guys.

This larger roster has paid dividends especially in their tournament/playoff success which includes four MSBL local championship seasons in Denver, several local 4th of July championships, and countless runner-up finishes.  In 2018, the Kokopelli’s 10th Arizona MSBL World Series appearance, they began a run of four consecutive finals appearances, finally winning their first ring in 2019 with an 8-0 record.  2018 and 2020 were disappointing one and two-run finals defeats. 

The 2021 World Series concluded with a second ring, with a 2-0 championship victory over the Tucson Angels, after another 8-0 run through the finals. This marked a third consecutive year of going undefeated in pool play and the Kokopelli’s have logged a 29-3 World Series record the past four years.