2020 70+ Central

Colorado Cardinals 9, Kansas City A’s 1

‘Cardinals Dominate Division Through Pool Play and Playoffs’

Submitted by John Damsma

Participating in their second MSBL World Series, the Colorado Cardinals 70s team ran through and rolled over the other teams in their division.  Solid pitching and defense were keys to the Cardinals’ success and a .485 team batting average was the icing on the cake!  When the dust settled, the Cardinals were 7-0 and scored 116 runs while allowing their opponents only 15 runs.

The Cardinals’ pitchers, led by Mark Jaeger, Wayne Brenden, Howard Elson and others, shut down any possible offensive threats from the competition.  The pitching staff threw three shutouts and Elson delivered a masterful, complete game No-Hitter!

Game after game the Cardinals’ offense delivered timely hits at an astonishing rate.  Steve Carters’ series batting average of .645 led the way, with Jim Reynolds, John Damsma and Ian McMillan close behind.  Carter was named MVP for his important contribution to the team.

While no team or person is perfect, the Cardinals’ defense proved to be almost worthy of that distinction, with all due respect to Catholicism, sainthood.  Play after play was made in pro-like fashion and the infielders, anchored by shortstop Tom Tashea, were in the right place at the right time!  Kudos to Greer, McMillan, Thomas, Coble, Gallagher and Reynolds.  The outfielders made plays when they had to and often got a bit bored because of the great pitching.  Gates, Stahlman, Anderson, Arellano and Carter covered the vast outfield territory with wise positioning and semi-fast speed.

Bill Dettmann, proved his “iron man” status by being the only Cardinals player to field the catcher’s position and he was there for every pitch during the tournament.  It was an amazing feat and one that no other player wanted to attempt.

What would a great team be without great camaraderie and a person who puts all the parts of a championship baseball team together?  Terry Yochum was that person for the Cardinals and much gratitude is due him for the team’s success!