2020 45+ American

Murrieta Mutiny 18, Tri-Valley 2

Submitted by Tony Zaia

In the top of the first inning we scored five runs to put pressure on the home team and we never looked back.  Our leadoff hitter, shortstop Brent Howe, was 6 for 6 with a walk while cleanup hitter John McAnintch was 4 for 6 with four runs batted in.

Dewey Hunter pitched a complete game and totaled 18 innings of work for the tournament.  Brother Rich Hunter caught 18 innings on the final day of the tournament and four out of the five games in the Desert Classic.

We struggled on Sunday losing two games but still managed to make it to the playoffs. On Sunday we decided to move third baseman Tim Moran to bat second and it made all difference in the world. Tim had three hits in the championship game and helped turn our lineup around.  Our team manager, Brad Allinson, made the switch after we only scored a total of five runs on Sunday. On playoff Monday we ended up scoring 31 runs, showing great instincts on Coach Allinson’s part.

In addition, we had five pitchers. They all pitched a complete game while Dewey Hunter pitched two complete games.

Without a doubt our team MVP’s were Brent Howe, who had 15 hits in the tournament, and Dewey Hunter, who only allowed one run from the bump in the championship game.