2020 35+ American

Montebello Angels 27, Utah Dodgers 3

Submitted by Robert Oskin, Angels manager

The Montebello Angels came out to its usual participation in the MSBL Las Vegas Kickoff Classic. They finished 2-1 in the round robin after losing their first game to the Las Vegas Rattlers 9-8 after being up 8-3. It was a big disappointment because that loss placed them in a tie for 2nd place. Based on the run differential rule they were one run shy so it sent them into the American division playoffs.

There they played the Dallas Dodgers and won 12-0. Eddie Nava thru a gem and complete game and sent the Angels into the championship game. The Angels ended up playing the Utah Dodgers winning 27-3. The bats just came alive and were on fire for both the playoffs and championship game. Bobby Yanez, who is just the workhorse for the Angels, threw a complete game to allow for the celebration.

The Angels had great hitting all weekend and several of the guys like Brandon Hedding, Mony Apodaca, Frank Rodriguez, Daniel Arruda, Fidel Jacobo, Jaime Galindo, Andy Corona, Eddie Nave and Louie Gonzalez all hit over .500 which were just incredible. We love coming out for the MSBL tournaments when we can and look forward to future tourneys.