2018 San Diego Memorial Day Senior Baseball Tournament Champions Crowned

Submitted by Jim Teeter, Tournament Director

The 8th annual MSBL San Diego Memorial Day Weekend Fun Tournament was a 60+ wood bat tournament. Playing doubleheaders over the 3-day weekend with pool play Saturday-Sunday and single elimination playoffs on Monday, we played on four spectacular fields: Carlsbad High School’s Ralph Cripe Field, Escondido High School, Palomar College and UCSD’s Triton Field. Reacting to excellent feedback we get from our players and managers, we hear our family-oriented tournament is still their favorite to play in the West.
This year’s tournament featured teams from Arizona, Los Angeles, New Mexico, Northern California, San Diego and Seattle. New teams were welcomed from Arizona (Western Diamondbacks) and Coronado (San Diego Seals).
Each team awards a Crystal Baseball Tournament MVP award, and this year’s winners were:

Larry Hendrickson — Dragons

George Constantino — Norcal Antiques 65+

Alan McKee — San Diego Mudcats

Charlene Wright — San Diego Shaggers

Mike Cerasoli — Vets

Gino Suter and Mike Denevi (repeat) — LA Athletics

Roland Azcu — Paladin USA

Andy Diaz — San Diego Seals

Mike Borba — Sacramento Tribe

Jim Yamada — TriValley Antiques 60+

Paco Gonzalez — San Diego Pirates

Autumn Arnold — SoCal Fire

Ted Quantrell — San Diego Padres

Mark Schneiderman — Los Angeles Dodgers

Jim Wightman — Western Diamondbacks

Players, spectators and families once again enjoyed the famous Rockin’ Jenny’s sandwiches, barbecued Costco dogs, Zappy’s Pizza on Monday and another 1,000 or so homemade brownies by the San Diego bakers’; contingent of Ann McMillan, Bonnie Miller, Missy Knudsen and Ms. Ray Andre. We look forward to the 9th annual tournament May 25-27, 2019.

Here are your champions!